The currency of the Future — Bytus Token

After a successful private ITO that met the hard cap, Bytus token is ready to go for round two in the mid of 2019. It will bring to the table something that its competition will face a hard time matching. The team behind Bytus has managed to create a full-fledged payment and transaction solution which is going to change things drastically in the coming years. You should get ready for the second round of the offering and grab on to the opportunity.

Backed by Ethereum, the Bytus token will play a crucial part in the Bytus blockchain-based ecosystem. What the people at Bytus had envisioned to achieve seemed far from reality a few years back. But now with the success of the first round of their ITO, it is safe to say that the company is bound to succeed.

It is a utility token, i.e., it represents the channel width. For instance, if you have 10 Bytus tokens, then you’ll be able to make 10 transactions in a day. The blockchain converts the token into resources (of the sending or the receiving channel.

The element of security is already a great feature of cryptocurrency, but with the arrival of Bytus, this feature is going to the next level. Bytus will use KYC and QR codes to increase the level of security and give people more reasons to start trusting cryptocurrency again. Moreover, the feature that allows Bytus tokens in your Bytus wallet into fiat currency is something that has everyone lock their eyes on this token. In these times of turmoil in the cryptocurrency market, a successful first-round ITO for Bytus certainly is a good omen.

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

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