Simplifying the global digital payment with the help of Bytus

Cryptocurrency may have made a mark but it hasn’t become a part of our purchasing yet. However, it has been realized that its usage will bring ease to our markets by cutting down the additional price that are an inherent part of fiat currency. The lack of a proper platform has always been a downer for this. So far, there hasn’t been any application or tool which eases the conversion of crypto to fiat or vice-versa.

Facilitating payments & conversion both

Therefore, Bytus is going to become the first of its kind program which would facilitate crypto payments and enable its users to convert fiat into cryptocurrency shortly. This would be a big revolution for crypto users. Currently, even if the users hold cryptos, they are unable to convert them into fiat whenever it is needed. This functionality is much needed for the number of crypto holders is growing immensely.

Bytus makes it easy with a platform that quickly converts cryptos into fiat and processes payment in no time. The application would be accessible on mobile phone on Android & IOS both. Bytus has already tied up with 1,000,000 stores across the globe to ease the payment. It has made itself accessible for a large number for crypto users so that crypto can find its way to bigger markets with wider reach.

With this application, more people would be able to engage in crypto transactions. Therefore, crypto usage will get a boost with a broader user-base. Bytus’ aim is to create a safer and more convenient ecosystem which eases payment either through payment terminals or through QR code. Bytus does it with its own token and becomes a secure application for clients who want to store their private keys without any fear of tokens getting compromised.

Making payments easier & faster

Bytus makes the process of conversion instant to expedite the process of payments of goods & services. This facility will decimate the usage of plastic cards through a mobile service. So far, exchanging cryptos involved employing third party services, this result in platforms being exposed to malware threats. The method of processing transaction is compact and involves user registrar, private key, public key and blockchain.

Apart from all this functionality, Bytus involves the following attributes that would make payment through cryptos and fiat easier:-

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

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