Enter the realm of cryptos with a groundbreaking payment solution

The blockchain is the solution to every payment issue which we have tried to resolved for years. The solution lies in the core of this technology and that is “decentralization”. This technology has let us circumvent the problems we couldn’t with fiat transactions. Therefore, Bytus has integrated this technology with its payment portal and made crypto payments easier, faster and more convenient.

Cryptocurrency is the most optimized outcome of blockchain which rules out every centralized force. This gives a new way to initiate transactions that are free of intermediaries and connect the two trading parties directly. Bytus has not only inducted this technology in its platform, it has optimized its usage so the users could get the best benefits out it.

Bytus comes with a crypto-bank which comes with some unique advantages that make it more accessible and useful for it users.

Mobile App

The Bytus mobile app would be connected with its wallet and would provide users a great convenience when it comes to issuing an overdraft. This feature enhances the abilities of user and it connects them directly with the Cryptobank. Through this, the Bytus users will strengthen the flow of their assets and would be able to retain the gain they earn out of trading.

Insurance Protection

Cryptobank provides you protection that no other crypto wallet does. It fulfills all the security measures that any payment portal should have. With this functionality, users can expect robust security of their transactions and safe of funds with uncompromised platform.

Secure Storage

The Cryptobank also ensures that you have a secure storage for your tokens. It is security feature that safeguards every single coin in your wallet. The wallet is equipped with cutting-edge security feature and its viability is tested multiple time before implementation.

Exchange Service

It also comes with an inbuilt exchange that enables you to instantly exchange cryptos in fiat. This service has been integrated to capacitate the users to. engage in swift trading and to quickly switch from one currency to another in order to build a strong portfolio.

Credit Card Use

A virtual card will also be provided to the users to enable them to have contactless payment. This would result in instant linking of the account to the Cryptobank and help in instant conversion of cryptocurrency into fiat at the time of payment.

Multicurrency Wallet

A multicurrency wallet would enable the Bytus mobile users to hold multiple currencies resulting in favorable results. This particular function comes very handy when you are trading in variety of tokens which gives you access to numerous services and products.

With all these enablements, Bytus becomes an indispensable payment platform for cryptocurrency users. It is a next-generation payment portal which eases the payment of cryptos and makes conversion of cryptos into fiat instant.

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto