Does Bytus accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment?

Bytus is a robust payment portal, which has taken the lead to revolutionize the crypto transactions and payments scene holistically. The Bytus Private Blockchain is playing a crucial role in furthering the prospects of crypto payments like never before. It has so far succeeded in attracting more than 1,000,000 retailers from across the world and is being widely used as an effective, innovative platform for doing transactions and payments efficiently and completely hassle-free.

As per the latest data (as of April 22, 2020), approximately 5,392 cryptocurrencies are being traded now with a total market capitalization of $201 billion. The top 10 cryptocurrencies currently are Bitcoin ($BTC), Ethereum ($ETH), XRP ($XRP), Tether ($USDT), Bitcoin Cash ($BCH), Litecoin ($LTC), EOS ($EOS), Binance Coin ($BNB), Bitcoin SV ($BSV) and Tezos($XTZ), with the Bitcoin being largest among them all and known to everyone into the crypto world.

Bytus Wallet, an all-in-one online multi-cryptocurrency wallet, is offering the ease and flexibility to crypto users to trade in a wide variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and many others. The large network of users on Bytus Private Blockchain is already extensively using the Bytus Wallet for buying and selling through cryptocurrency. The Bytus Wallet provides the convenience of effortless and hassle-free transactions by just scanning a QR code. The biggest advantage of using Bytus Wallet is that the users don’t have to pay any transaction fee for changing their cryptocurrency into fiat or Bytus Token.

It’s no wonder that the Bytus crypto payment platform has brought a paradigm shift by setting a benchmark for others in the crypto trade and has changed the way crypto transactions and payments are done.

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

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