Bytus Wallet Is Providing Solutions to the Plague That Has Hit the Crypto Market

Bytus wallet allows for massively reduced transaction times making it a matter of few seconds to make a purchase with cryptocurrencies. Moreover, there are no transaction fees involved, and you can easily convert your cryptocurrency in the wallet into fiat money. Being major proponents of the blockchain and cryptocurrency, the Bytus team has developed an ecosystem that is sure to bring back people’s trust in this revolution.

The year 2018 had been a difficult year for traders and exchanges alike. But despite these difficult times, people still haven’t lost interest in them. While they might not look like the gold mine they used to be; there still are 2076 types of coins and tokens available for use and trading.

This has undoubtedly been the result of the efforts of the proponents and supporters of crypto and particularly the blockchain technology. They have put in a lot of resources in helping people realize the potential of the blockchain tech, and that is what has kept the crypto Titanic from drowning after hitting this crisis’ iceberg.

Why is liquidity a problem with crypto?

Businesses have adopted cryptocurrency on a colossal scale in recent times. Bitcoin and a few other currencies have become common modes of exchange. People still are rushing in and making accounts on crypto trading platforms. Then why is lack of liquidity still affecting the 200+ exchanges around the globe?

There have been a great many reasons for this. Lack of risk diversification options, ICO scams (78% of last year’s ICOs were scams), exhaustion of mining, day trading, and ICO flipping opportunities to make money with crypto trading, ROI dependent more on speculation than any fundamentals are a few reasons for this problem.

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

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