Bytus starts the crypto revolution with a robust payment platform

All the cryptocurrency enthusiasts have regarded this technology as future. It is definitely true but how would this vision be materialized? So far, cryptocurrency has only been an instrument of investment and has been limited to a few people. To make crypto accessible and useful for larger mass, it has to be brought in the mainstream. Bytus has taken a step towards it by introducing its payment platform which helps users pay using cryptos and instantly exchanging for fiat or vice-versa.

This is a major step considering the limited usage of cryptos yet. Bytus’ aim is to make crypto widely acceptable and also faster so people can quickly make transactions using their digital assets. This can be achieved by bringing blockchain and other technologies together. There have been a few payment portals which have introduced crypto payments but couldn’t do away with latency and other detractors.

These factors are preventing the users to indulge in crypto transactions as the existing fiat payment platforms are faster than crypto transactions. Besides these reasons, conversion of crypto to fiat or fiat to crypto is also detractor that discouraged people to use cryptos for transactions. Many a times, crypto users have to instantly exchange one crypto to another or a fiat and they have to deal with different exchanges.

Bytus has integrated all these functionality into one platform and created something that would be hugely conducive for users and merchants both. Crypto transactions are way more secure and they’re supposed to be faster as well. But the duplication of coins by hackers has made this difficult, this makes the crypto transactions slower. Blockchain is capable of preventing the hackers but coins are often kept with exchanges that are centralized.

This leaves the tokens vulnerable to hackers and they are able to replicate crypto coins. Bytus has used extreme safety measures to protect the information and assets of its users. Using this platform, crypto users will be able to execute crypto transactions at a much better speed and safety. To encourage more people to use cryptos, Bytus has also provided the privilege of instant conversions from fiat to crypto and vice-versa.

With this payment portal, users will have safer and swifter transactions. It would give them assurance of fast and secure transactions with unique features that they can’t get elsewhere. Bytus is the gateway for all those who are willing to use cryptos but the current limitations are preventing them to embrace this technology. Therefore, Bytus has introduced a platform that facilitates conversion and payment both with ease.

Bytus is a next generation payment platform which helps people enter the realm of cryptocurrency with great benefits. This payment system has integrated all the attributes that would increase the number of cryptocurrency users. This project broadens the possibilities of crypto usage to a great degree. Bytus is the onset of uptrend that would take cryptocurrency right into the mainstream.

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

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