Disrupting the Financial Norms

The financial world is complicated. The transmission of value has always been a complex process, not to mention slow and expensive. The stakes soar particularly high when cross-border payments are involved. Blockchain has sped up and simplified the process with its distributed technology keeping identical copies of the transaction on every member’s computer on the network safely, through cryptography, and without the need of any third party or “middleman”.

It’s not the case anymore that only a handful of people are acquainted with the concepts of cryptocurrencies, as a matter of fact actually, everyone in the financial sector is, to some extent, familiar with Bitcoin and Other cryptocurrencies. Even with its countless implications it has yet to gain the admiration of the general population and has yet to make a mark in the everyday commerce.

Global Digital Payment comes forward with a decentralized global payment network removing the need for third parties and simplifying the otherwise complicated process of financial transactions. We aim at providing a secure, easy, and instant way to transact in any currency enabling a seamless integration of cryptocurrencies and financial services.

Our proprietary Bytus wallet provides a convenient alternative to banking that allows the user store and accesses their money in an instant anywhere in the world and in any currency. The Bytus Wallet App lets you make instant and secure payments for everything from your morning latte to a monthly bill, all from the ease of your smartphone.

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

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