Answering Crypto’s Critics with the Bytus Token

Critics do not consider cryptocurrency a medium of exchange. Bytus has come forth and answered these critics with the Bytus token and their blockchain-based ecosystem. The possibilities with crypto as a medium of exchange are immense, and we at Bytus have brought together the most experienced minds to solve this problem.

This ecosystem involves a full-fledged financial solution that includes a multi coin wallet, Bytus token backed by Ethereum, and a private blockchain network based on Graphene chain.

This system is meant to address crypto’s usability issues. While a lot of the big stores and sellers accept Bitcoin and Ethereum as a mode of payment, the transaction involves a heavy fee and takes up to an hour to settle. This makes exchanging in crypto more of a hassle than a blessing. The critics have always pointed this out, and as time passed without a solution to this problem, the crypto market suffered a major crash in 2018.

Bytus announced its ecosystem concept in May 2018, and the idea has certainly managed to answer the critics. A successful ITO later in 2019 with the token reaching its hard cap in a very short time indicates only one thing — there is a solution to the usability problem. With a network of thousands of retailers already, Bytus has made buying and selling goods and services using crypto an inevitable reality. No transaction fees, transactions much more secure than they were before and completion of transactions a matter of a few minutes are just the tip of the iceberg.

Our next token offering is just around the corner; we will be announcing more groundbreaking breakthroughs in our technology to help people move to a crypto-based future.

Bytus is Revolutionizing the World of Crypto

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